The latest from Deepest SW France
Monday, October 10, 2005
Imagine a country where people work a 35 hour week, take seven weeks annual paid holiday, an hour and a half for lunch......... Full Details

A Second Message from SW France
Sunday, October 9, 2005
Itís now the 4th October 2004 but I began this at the end of August so Iíll leave what I wrote then and bring things up to date at the end........ Full Details

So you would never write a Round Robin?
Sunday, October 9, 2005
Our arrival in France on the 8th May 2004 was greeted by high winds, driving rain, and cold into the bargain...... Full Details

Directions to Le Ga
Sunday, October 9, 2005
From Blagnac Airport Toulouse-------And from Merignac Bordeaux....... Full Details


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